Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How I Asked the Bridesmaids

There are so many ADORABLE options out there for asking your girls to be your bridesmaids.
I know before even getting engaged I would make mental notes of all the sweet ways to invite friends to be part of the big day.
Jon & I have had a 6 month engagement.
To him: This is ridiculously long.
To me: I'm hoping it's just enough time to get things done :)

My closest bridesmaid lives about an hour away, and the 6 of them are in 4 different states.
I knew I wanted them to have a little something to keep to remember the event, but obviously, it was much easier for me to mail something small.
So I decided just to custom make little cards and put them in the mail.
I know this wasn't much, but I enjoyed sending them something rather than just texting or calling.
Here they are :)

For y'all who are engaged or married, how did you ask your ladies?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Those are cute!! I just sent out sweet cards with a little note written inside : )

  2. How cute! I bet they loved getting that in the mail!

  3. So cute! I asked my girls by giving them Lilly Pulitzer planners, circling all of the important dates, and then writing them a sweet note in the front. I also love your save the dates! We were engaged for less than 4 months so I know what you mean ;)