Monday, April 29, 2013

Psalm 19:1

Goodness, how this verse makes my heart smile.
For so long I have enjoyed marveling at life's beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Our Father--Our Amazing Artist.

This picture, like many, was taken on my drive into work.
I sometimes feel like such a dork, constantly snapping pictures of the sky.
However, this verse speaks to me, reaffirming that there is nothing to feel silly about by being in complete awe of His masterpiece.

In fact, that's the whole point.
Sights such as these are created by our sweet Father to do just that; 
to glorify Him,
to captivate us.

Today, take a few minutes,
and let the work of His hands captivate you.

Oh, how He loves us :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last weekend: DC with my parents!

Sorry it's taken me forever to post on this!  
I've been crazy busy with wedding vendor meetings & nasty headaches that I think are due to all of the yucky pollen.

So last weekend, I had the privilege of exploring DC with my parents.  Such a blessing!
Mom had been to Arlington Cemetery & seen the monuments in college, while Dad had never seen any of it!  So exciting!
And it was the last weekend of the 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival!
We had so much fun, and the weather was perfect!  Praise God!
I remember countless times that day thanking our sweet Father for the absolute gift of such an amazing time to drink in the spring air with my beloved parents.
Mmm.. a day I will always cherish.:)

Plus, with all of the wedding planning, it was nice to get away with the two of them and enjoy sightseeing and relaxing while making more decisions towards the big day.

They each had a great time, and my heart overflowed with joy at the opportunity to share some our nation's most precious places.

I hope each of you are doing so well.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Only You: David Crowder Band

Monday, April 22, 2013

Change in the Making: Addison Road

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Morning:)

I just wanted to say Happy Tuesday, Y'all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Mine was delightful!:)
I hope to post on it later today.

A great way to start my morning: :)
satisfied in Him.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello, Sweet Spring!

Hello, Loves!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
I ventured out of town to visit my prince.  We had such a delightful time.
Each Friday he and his housemates host  a sweet dinner/bible study.
This week Jon was left in charge of preparing dinner, which initially, is quite a scary thought dear friends.  However, he totally pulled it off by making delicious chicken and broccoli alfredo.  I was indeed proud. :)  Pasta, sparkling wine & chocolate cake paired with conversation on drawing closer to Jesus...nothing really beats it.
It is so lovely to be sharing in his spiritual community & planting a foundation for the one that we will share.

Speaking of wonderful community, I stayed with my sweet friend Stephanie aka Most Precious Host Ever.  Look what greeted me when I arrived at my home for the weekend. :)

Chocolate...she sure does know how to make a girl feel right at home.  Thank Jesus for this delightful sister.

Saturday morning, Jon and I visited one of our favorite places: MaryBills Cafe.
We are quite the cafe goers.  We eat, read, chat & consume countless cups of coffee.  It's quite crazy really, to think of our coffee intake, but it's so pleasant. :)
MaryBills is great...super yummy and HUGE omelets.
My Dear Jon was not feeling too well, so we chose to hit up Walmart for some tomato soup, cough drops & redbox.  We snuggled, watched movies and later ventured onto the back deck for tea and quiet time in the delightful sun.  It was SO nice out, I grilled kabobs for house. Mmm mmm.

After church Sunday, Jon surprised me by taking me to Krispy Kreme for my 1st time ever!
I was pretty darn excited!

Oh MY gosh! Delicious!

That afternoon was gorgeous, so we hit up the Sonic drive thru and went canoeing with friends!
Best day ever! Except my Jon was still sick with a cold.:(

On the way home, I got to stop by and see my dear friend Heather. :) We lived together at the beach.
She will be one of my bridesmaids. yay!  We caught up and ate at one of our favorite places: The Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

And I got to see my sweet God-pup, Bentley!

Oh, how I've missed these Loves!
I hope y'alls weeks are off to a great start!


Monday, April 8, 2013

How He Loves: David Crowder Band

A wonderful Easter weekend!

Hi everyone!  
I hope y'all had a wonderful & blessed Easter!

My sweet Jon had a 4 day weekend which was awesome, so he came up to visit. :)

Thursday night my church had a Tenebrae service. I had never been to one before.
 Such a beautiful time of reflection on and celebration of  our glorious Savior.
Then we had coffee and muffins back at my place with some dear friends.

Friday, I took off work (yay!) and went to the gym with Mr. Jon.
We then had lunch and a small marriage counseling session with one of the sweetest and most wise couples I know.
This left us needing caffeine so we checked out  The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe.

So absolutely precious, and such yummy coffee.
We sat and sipped for most of the afternoon, looking over catering menus for the wedding and filling in our calendars for the next few months. So exciting!

Looking over catering menus, we decided to try out one of the prospects, Mosaic.
So so so good!

Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection  of our dear, sweet savior Jesus Christ.
Such a blessing to share this with my Jon.
A day that makes our hearts most happy.
Also, we gained several more brothers and sisters in Christ that day.
Praise God! He is so good.

in His love,