Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth of July Weekend!

I hope y'all had a safe and wonderful 4th!  Mine was excellent.  I only had Thursday off from work, but went ahead and took Friday too. :)  I went with my parents to visit my little brother Chris, and his fiance Holly.  They just bought their first house, and it is precious!  I wish I had taken pictures to post!  Jon came up Friday and stayed with us as well. I really enjoy when Jon & I get time with Chris and Holly.  It's exciting to be in the same season of preparing for marriage.  Jon is actually marrying Chris & Holly September 7th, which is ridiculously exciting.

Saturday, Jon & I attended the wedding of Brooke & Clint, two of our dear, sweet friends at my church.  It is amazing to have seen God at work in their relationship.  I look forward to seeing Him use their marriage for His glory in many ways.

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, and Miss Brooke was stunning!  I love weddings that bring everyone together to worship the Lord and display the greatest love story the world will ever know, that between us and Jesus Christ.  Ahh...just makes my heart melt.
We had a blast at the reception! Jon & I LOVE to dance! :)

You know it wouldn't be a weekend together for a long-distance engaged couple if we didn't tend to some wedding business, so we checked out our top choice location for the rehearsal dinner and also toured our hotel. :)

Yay! It can't come soon enough!
79 days!

 Love y'all!

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