Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Engagement Photo Preview!

A couple of weeks ago, Jon and I had engagement photos on the lovely Brown's Island in downtown Richmond, VA.

We had SO much fun, and boy, were we BLESSED.  Our shoot was scheduled for 6 pm and it rained heavily pretty much the entire day.
On our way, Jon and I stopped to have lunch/coffee and do some reading at a local cafe.  While we were there, we PRAYED as we watched the rain POUR. 

 It isn't surprising that any girl would be freaking out at the thought of her planned, outdoor engagement photo session being completely rained on.  What was surprising was the feeling of peace my heart had as we prayed about the rain. As much as I desired a beautiful, sunny day, I desired God's plan for the weather all the more.
He listened.
Miraculously, the weather cleared up just around 6 o'clock, and held off for the entire shoot; well, almost the entire shoot.

It started to sprinkle just as we were finishing...just in time for God to give us this sweet gift...
As we danced in the rain, we couldn't help but laugh as we felt so loved on by our sweet Father who communicated so clearly to us that He had not only heard our prayer, but that He was indeed right there to share in our happiness.

Stephanie Yonce, our photographer, was FREAKING out.  This girl LOVES rainbows.  She is absolutely precious, and a bundle of fun!  Can't wait to see the rest of our engagements, and share with her as she captures our wedding day.

Oh, how He loves us. :)


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