Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wife After God: Day 3, The Need for Companionship

Companionship has been a tremendous thing to reflect on this week.  Companionship is something that Jon & I both longed for this week.  As I said the other day, he has been in Poland for work the past few days, & although we wouldn't have seen each other during the work week (he's in NC & I'm in VA), it has still been a sad, strange feeling knowing that the man I'm becoming one with has been half the world away.
This devotional brought me a lot of comfort in missing Jon.  Sometimes I think we try to tell ourselves that 
we're silly for missing loved ones... that we just need to better occupy our time.
I know I'm guilty of this.
The truth is that we were created for relationship, created for companionship.
God created Adam because he desired to have relationship with him, to know him, to walk & talk with him & to protect him.  God created Eve as a companion for Adam to illustrate the importance of relationship.
As I was reflecting on this, I was better able to understand the deep feelings of missing Jon, of longing for him.  I was created for that.  The major conviction came when I realized that
however much Jon & I desire to be in relationship with one another, God desires to be in relationship with us SO much more than that.
It's been amazing to me how much my relationship with Jon helps me to better understand & know who God is.  I am very thankful, & hopeful that he will use our marriage in so many ways to teach us & draw us closer to Him and closer to one another. :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Month Til Our Wedding!

Hi, friends!  Just wanted to pop in & say we are ONE MONTH out from the big day, and bursting with excitement! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Wife After God": Day 1

Happy Sunday, Ladies!  I hope y'all's weekends have been wonderful!
After following some of you sweet bloggers, I recently decided to jump on the "Wife After God" wagon and see what it's all about.:)
Boy is it already amazing.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Wife After God is a 30 day devotional on how to draw closer to God & closer to your husband.  I figured this was the perfect thing to be reading as we prepare to say "I do" in 34 days! yay!
I also thought it would be cool to just kind of share the days through posts as often as I can, to get ideas out there & grow.
Day 1 was all about God's purpose for marriage, which was even more awesome because we've spent a lot of time talking about this.  It's so amazing to see in Genesis that we are created in His image.  I know we've all heard that, but it's extremely mind blowing if you allow yourself to ponder over it.  Very intentionally, Jon & I were created to be able to better show the world a fuller picture of who God is when we join as one.
Something I felt the Lord tell me in this week was to remember that regardless of how tough things get  (& they will get tough) we must remember that always we are better able to display God's image together... even if that means some things become more difficult by being together.  Marriage is not for our glory, but indeed His.
I think it's very easy & very typical for two people to enter into a marriage with selfish tendencies & even vague ideas of some things that they somehow feel entitled to.  I felt God very clearly speak to me that there are not entitlements in marriage.  Constantly remembering that our marriage is about so much more than just ourselves will hopefully help to kill off a lot of our own selfish tendencies, allowing us to freely love one another & those around us.  
I've been reflecting a lot on how my life as a Christian should look different from those around me who are not believers & being serious with myself when asking whether or not that's actually happening. The same thing applies to Jon & I in our marriage.  If we truly seek to bear the image of Christ & His church our marriage should undoubtedly reflect it.  I look forward to God using our marriage to rid us more & more of our own selfishness & shape us into a picture of His great love story.

: ) Claire

I hope y'all's weeks start off nicely.  I saw Jon off to Poland for work this morning, & then headed home.  I miss that sweet man already.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bridal Shower #2: A Navy & Gray Affair

So I don't know if I've even told y'all, but our colors for the wedding are navy & gray.  Jon & I are both big fans of neutrals. :)
Shower #2 was thrown by my sweet sisters from Village Church with the family who's been hosting me part time as I bounce from place to place like an engaged girl without a lease.  These women (& their spouses) have been such blessings to my life from sharing meals, to small group meetings, to Sunday morning services, to hikes through the woods.  They truly are part of my family.

Check out how cute these ladies are.:) Such sweethearts.

Bridal Shower #1: A Poolside Party

I know I haven't been posting much over the past month, ladies.  I really apologize, & have missed catching up with all of you!  I have been super busy with all of the wedding planning & my sweet bridal showers!    I have literally been showered with so many gifts, cards & blessings.  It's amazing to know that Jon & I have the love & support of so many family & friends.  We are truly overjoyed.  Over the next few days I plan to share pictures and details of each of the precious events with y'all! :)

So blessed & so thankful,

Friday, August 9, 2013

50 days!: Our Wedding Checklist Update

50 More Days, Y'all!

Here's the update:

Pick date
Choose venue
Choose reception site
Hire wedding planner
Pick wedding dress
Ask officiant
Engagement party
Ask bridal party
Hire caterer
Pick colors
Choose bridesmaid dresses & tuxes
Complete guest list
Create wedding website
Hire DJ
Choose & mail save the dates
Hire photographer
Hire videographer
Engagement photos
Book honeymoon (not going until winter)
Book hair & makeup stylist
Book ceremony musicians
Hire cake baker
Block off hotel rooms
Order invitations
Order wedding bands
Dress fittings
Choose ceremony music
Bridal showers
Bachelorette party
Book rehearsal dinner
Mail invitations
Stock the bar
Book hotel room
Get wedding bands engraved
Work on ceremony/reception decor items
Purchase bridal accessories
Buy bridal party gifts
Decide on guestbook
Rehearsal dinner invitations
Ceremony programs
Song list
Day of schedule

Happy Friday, ladies!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prayers for my sweet friend, Christy

I just wanted to drop in with a little prayer request for my sweet friend, Christy.

 She's flying out right about now for a missions trip to Peru.
I would love if you would join me in praying for her and the group going as God uses them to reach and to love on others...that He would reveal His truth more and more clearly to each of them, and aid them in being sensitive to the movements of the Spirit.

Christy was just briefly sharing details last night on the villages she will be visiting, and it sounds as though people there are so thirsty for the Word.

She is particularly nervous about her health as well as the health of the group because of the tremendous altitude at which they will be located.  Please pray that the Lord would keep them strong, equipping them to share His good news. :)

Thanks for joining, sisters.