Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Art of Marriage

Recently, Jon & I attended an Art of Marriage seminar at my church.
I had never heard of the Art of Marriage until Village decided to host the event one weekend.  We jumped on the opportunity.  (Jon & I have this whole "wanting to know everything we can" attitude while still understanding that there are some things God will throw our way that we simply won't be prepared for...kinda scary, but super exciting!)
Y'all should check it out! :)
Sessions are offered all the time everywhere across the country.
The really cool thing about it is that it's applicable to any couple regardless of whether or not they've been married 1 year or 50... and also for couples preparing, like us. :)
Ours was one Friday evening and most of a day Saturday, but I hear some places offer it more like a 6 week Bible study covering one session a week, which I think would be pretty cool.
Here are the topics covered:
Have any of you attended the Art of Marriage?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)


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