Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The In-Betweens of House Hunting

As I mentioned before, Jon was able to secure some leave for house hunting which was awesome.  While we are still living in a hotel, we are hoping to have a home secured soon. It has been interesting because although there are houses on Oahu available for rent and for sale, there aren't a lot available in the town that we have totally fallen in love with.  It has been exhausting at times to look at so many places, but the Lord has shown Himself so faithful in the most tremendous ways since we got here, so much so that it disgustingly confronts our lack of faith.  We know that He will provide the perfect place for us.

Meanwhile, I've had a chance to link up several times with my dear new friend, Megan.  Megan is a sister Vixen who graduated from Sweet Briar a couple of years ahead of me.  We didn't really know each other in school, but turns out we have tons of mutual friends so it didn't take long for us to become acquainted on this little island we call home.  Also a fellow milspouse, it has been awesome to share the joys of PCS season with her.

Jon and I have discovered the perfect little cafe to grab lunch or have a good cup of coffee.  Morning Brew is wonderful and has the most delicious chicken curry wraps. Yum! Jon and I have seriously eaten them twice a week as we've skimmed over home listings.  Speaking of home listings, we have the  She is the sweetest, and brings us the most amazing mangoes from her yard.  Jon and I have had other mangoes since being here and they are no comparison.  I have made it a goal of mine to eat my weight in this delicious tropical fruit before we have to leave this magical place.

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  1. The right house will come along at just the right time! I hope it's soon! :) So great that you are able to make friendships and eat good food in the meantime though!