Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our First 4th of July Together

It's hard to believe, but this was Jon and I's first 4th of July together.  I'd say we made the most of it.  We felt like we were totally winning since Jon got a 4 day weekend right after starting work out here.  It was great.  We slept in and had breakfast, then headed out to the beach. I feel like if you drink a beer, eat a hotdog and get a sunburn, you've celebrated the 4th with the rest of America, so we did just that.  Jon and I are definitely more wine than beer drinkers, but ever since getting out here we have fallen in love with Kona Brewing Company beers.  After lathering on some aloe, we headed back out to sit on the beach for fireworks right in front of our hotel. They were every bit of awesome, and call me cheesy, but there is just something so romantic about sitting on the beach, watching fireworks with the love of your life, isn't it? :)


  1. Love this! Fab pictures of your heavenly new HOME! Can we say visit time??? hehe :)

  2. What a great time together! :)

  3. What a perfect 4th of July! I've never watched fireworks from the beach, but it's on my bucket list for sure!