Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DC: a place in which to delight

Last week I attended a work conference in DC.  It was super awesome!  The thing that surprised me most about the conference was the encouraging attitude for the GIS community to join together and to share experience and data.  This was shocking to me because my experience in the work world has sadly been more of a dog eat dog mentality with everyone looking out for themselves as far as accomplishments go in the workplace.  This, however, was refreshing. :)

I was blessed to have a mile-long walk to the conference from my hotel each morning, catching glimpses of the Washington Monument through busy streets as I passed by. Ahh, love.  I love to walk, and currently drive 50 minutes to work each morning, so the walking to work thing was delightful.  I wish I could do it for the rest of my life.  The thing I found most interesting was the fact that people really make an effort to avoid eye contact on the sidewalk.  This earned me some extremely interesting looks as I made an effort to say "good morning" or "good afternoon" in an attempt to share my delight with others.

I really feel like God wants us to delight; to delight in walks, to delight in work, to delight in strangers, sunshine, and even afternoon showers.  DC in all of its splendor of history, culture, parks, restaurants and monuments should undoubtedly be a place in which to delight in life.

This led me to question, "why aren't people delighting here?".  I feel as though DC, just like the rest of the world, could use more Jesus.  Without Him, we shift to an extremely individualistic society, always looking out for ourselves.  Knowing Jesus, I find it completely impossible not to delight in Him.  Delighting in Him causes me to long to spread that delight.  It also causes me to delight in this journey and in everything with which my Father has truly blessed me.  He wishes to see that in us. I know it.  My prayer is that the delight in this life only causes more of a delight in Him.


Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.--Psalm 37:4

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