Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend Amazing-ness with the BF

So my birthday was this past Friday, March 1st, and was simply too wonderful not to blog about.  :)
I must admit that I am one of those girls guilty of carrying on a week-long celebration in honor of my day of birth...mostly so I don't feel guilty for a week-long session of stuffing my face with every cake and chocolate that makes its way into my path.
Therefore, my "birthday" actually ran from Thursday to about Saturday.

After work Thursday, I ventured out to my parents' house to have my favorite dinner (spaghetti mmm) and cupcakes with them.  We were also joined by my cousin Melissa, who happens to be one of my closest friends.  We ate, laughed, talked and consumed countless cups of joe (another love of mine).   Although we didn't actually do anything all too exciting, I try to drink in every second with family, remembering each moment I share with them is a gift I won't always be guaranteed.

Friday, my boss took me out to lunch along with several others in my office.  I always enjoy their company.  So precious, these people, and so funny.  We often laugh until we cry.  I work in an extremely small town, so naturally the restaurant we went to was a locally owned sweet little mom and pop type place with amazing food.  I had soup and salad, followed by a gigantic slice of cake.
Speaking of cake, my amazing boyfriend had my favorite cake from my favorite sweet shop delivered to my work.  How sweet is he?  Pretty darn sweet.

Meet Dulce de leche from Petite Sweets.  An amazing sweet shop that uses only all natural ingredients.  It will rock your world.

After work I ventured the 4 hours to see my #1 Sweet.  :)  We had an amazing dinner with friends, marveled over how Christ was working in our lives as we shared stories of our weeks, and of course, ate cake.

Saturday, Jon took me to Wilmington!  I love the beach.  You guys know this by now.  On my birthday, or on any other day really, I simply want to be on a beach more than I would want any other present.  I was telling Jon that I think my favorite thing about the beach is that God made it.  To me, it is one of His most beautiful creations, a place where I can marvel in His beauty, a place where my soul sings.

We had about a 2 hour car ride. I love car rides with Jon.  <3 
He uses this opportunity to have really serious or intense conversations with me because I am literally locked inside a moving vehicle.
I pretend not to like this, but secretly it's one of my favorite things about him...a man who truly cares to know the deepest thoughts of my mind and heart, a treasure.

First, we had lunch on the River Walk in downtown Wilmington which is absolutely charming.
We ate at Le Catalan French Café & Wine Bar.  Super cute and cozy bistro style place right on the water.

After lunch, we explored through some shops on the waterfront where Jon bought me a beautiful scarf for my birthday. I love scarves. and Jon. :)
Then we made a stop at Food Lion for beach supplies, gathering snacks and wine.  
After this, we were ready to head out to Wrightsville Beach!  It was absolutely beautiful! 
 We straight chowed down on some chips & dip, drank sweet wine, read and bundled up for an awesome nap as the waves crashed against the shore.  A perfect day.  A perfect birthday with my Love, in the place I love, feeling so loved by God for the gift of this man, this place and this day.

 Upon waking up from our nap, we were freezing as the sun had disappeared and the wind had picked up.
Jon undoubtedly had the best solution: coffee.He is a very clever leader.  So we headed on over to Port City Java for some joe and to discuss plans for the evening. 
 The sweet baristas there gave several good suggestions for dinner, so we took their advice and headed back to the oceanside for Tower 7, an amazing Baja Mexican Grill.  We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere was excellent.  Loved it.

The ride home was amazing, just as every car ride is with my Jon.
Especially in the evenings. There's something so sweet about feeling so safe and comfortable there next to him in the dark car, seat warmer on after a chilly day.  As I often become sleepy and silly, he stays alert to get me home.  This is a precious time when we dream together; dream of our futures, our homes, our careers, our family.  It is also a time of learning; of hearing from our sweet Spirit, and a time of prayer; praying that He may lead it all.


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