Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Captivating": Blog 1

I have no idea where to begin. Buy this book.  John and Stasi Eldredge are awesome and I can't wait to read more of their work.  

I honestly started out kind of slow in the book.  I've been spending a lot of time in the Word, and definitely want to continue to do that.  To me, the book starts out pretty warm & fuzzy which is great, and makes me as a woman feel awesome.  Obviously it starts out just covering the surface of what they later dive in to.  I am only about halfway through, so I also don't want to speak too soon.

It is awesome to be reminded that we as women are created to reflect God's beautiful, captivating image.  We all desire to be captivating to everyone around us. This is exactly what God's desire is as well, to captivate us.  It makes me feel so special to be chosen and created as a beautiful representation of Christ. :)  I am in awe when reflecting on it.  Just as we wish to be pursued, He wishes to be pursued.

A common misconception or quite frankly a lie from Satan is that we women are too much of one thing or not enough of another.  We are convinced by society that we either lack something necessary or possess something undesirable.  We don't just fear failing at what we do, but instead something much more serious--failing at who we are.  Our very core, our heart, is under attack.  Satan knows that is where to strike.  God says to guard our heart, because it is the wellspring of life. It is so scary to see and feel how negatively our surroundings and even we, ourselves make attempts to tear at the heart.

Ladies--the most important thing to know is that we ALL have a beauty to unveil.  This is true because we ALL bear the image of God. This is not something we conjure up, but instead is an essence given to us at our creation.  :)  So please, take a sigh of relief, Beautiful.

"we've come to see that the only thing more tragic than the things that happened to us is what we have done with them"

This quote is the beginning of when "Captivating" really hit home for me.  John and Stasi go on to address how we somehow feel that the bad things that happen in our lives are our fault. Don't get me wrong.  I definitely made bad decisions that I knew would steer me away from my Heavenly Father and I am by no means proud of it, but He has recently been working to soothe my heart and let me know that the guilt and pain I feel in my heart is certainly not all my fault, and that I by no means should feel like I ever deserved to feel so horrible.

The above quote builds me up and tears me down at the same time because it gives me hope that I have more control than I initially thought, but unfortunately it is exactly what I'm doing with some of life's previous heartbreaking experiences.  It is something I am well aware of and pray for on a daily basis.  The Eldredge's definitely address how we experience hurt and choose to lock it away in a place in our heart and not permit anyone (not even God) to go there. This is what I have done, and it has provided temporary relief just as the authors say it will.  Unfortunately, it keeps that part of my heart from loving in the way that God intended it to.  Not only that, but it keeps me from fully trusting and definitely doesn't allow me to be my complete self.  Some things are extremely painful to address so we cover them up in an effort to not feel and to move forward.  This is what I have done with what happened to me, and I knew it just as clear as day as I held back the tears while reading in Barnes & Noble.  Jesus desperately wants to hold your hand and walk with you to the deepest darkest corners of your heart. He wants to heal us completely.  It has been hard and painful, but something I know I desperately need...something I know I want because my Father wants it for me.

Ladies, the book is good.

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