Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Currently // November 2014

 Reading // Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannon. This book is completely confronting me.  It is causing me to reevaluate so much of what my ideas of ministry look like.  Super great book.
Creating // Pumpkin cranberry biscotti.  So good.  I end up eating entirely too much of what I bake.
Loving // Warm, cozy fleece blankets.  I just bought a new grey one to snuggle up with this winter.
Appreciating // The gorgeous tulips Jon bought me at Whole Foods this weekend.
Wishlisting // Revisiting our honeymoon resort to escape the coming cold weather!

What are y'all up to? What are you loving this month? This is my first 'Currently' link-up with Jenna and Anne.  Come join us! :)


  1. Such beautiful flowers! Think you could deliver some of that biscotti to me?! Yum!

  2. I've been loving my fleece blanket lately too, and tulips are my favorite! How lovely. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I have that book! I just haven't read it yet but I want to. So happy to hear about it from someone else :)

  4. I so hope you share the Pumpkin cranberry biscotti recipe with us!!

  5. ooo fun link-up! I'm going to need you to send me some of that next time you bake it ok? haha Yum! (lovin' cozy couch time with blankets too!) xoxo

  6. Those flowers are so pretty! I just love getting flowers from the hubs. :)
    The biscotti sounds really good! I've only had biscotti a few times, and it's so good with a cup of coffee. MM!
    Thanks or linking up!!

  7. That resort looks absolutely amazing!!! And I too have been loving fleece blankets, perfect as it starts to get chilly!!