Thursday, June 26, 2014

Being Still in the Midst of Transition

Hey there, Sweet Friends!  Is it really Thursday already?  I can't believe how the days just sneak on by.  I hope y'all have had a fabulous week so far.  Jon gets home in less than two weeks now, which makes me absolutely ecstatic.  It doesn't even seem real.  While I am undoubtedly over the moon to be reunited with my husband in just a few short days, I feel like I have 861919 things to do in this narrowing (thankfully) window of time.  You know what I mean? 
I started a "to-do" list for work and for home, as well as "to buy" and "to pack" lists.  As soon as I'm scratching something off I feel like I'm adding two additional things back on.  I guess that's the story with life though, right?  I'm scheduling dinners with friends and trying to savor the time I have left with my parents.  I'm finalizing projects at work and preparing a guide for my replacement hire.  It's such a bittersweet-exciting time, this period of transition.  It's a time I've literally counted down for the past six months.  I am so so thankful it's here, but at the same time I'm leaving family, a church and a career I that love.  In the midst of this transition, I am sad to leave people and things behind, but  I am so excited for whatever God has for us in the coming months in our new home.

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Dad and I did some figuring the other day and realized that this next move with Jon will be my 14th move in the last seven years.  I'm averaging about twice a year, y'all.  Crazy.  If you have moved, you know how stressful it can be.  I somehow fall for the deception each time that if I just make a list to mark off from, and if I just do a good enough job of taping and labeling the boxes, and if I successfully manage to contact all of the proper offices and stalk out the floor plan enough, and bubble wrap our breakables enough, then I will be completely in control of the situation, on top of it all.  It seems that these transitions are when I need time with God the most, and also when it's most difficult to find that time to just be still with Him.

“Be still, and know that I am God" --Psalm 46:10

How vital that time is, friends.  I'm sure y'all can relate.  How do you find time to be still with our Father in the midst of transition?


  1. Ah! How exciting! Countdown is definitely on! Good luck with everything and cannot wait to here about it! xoxo

  2. Good grief! That is a ton of moves. It's great that you're relying on God's peace during this time, though, and it is exciting to be on a new adventure :) Happy weekend to you!

  3. I'm in the process of unpacking from my move (I've done it twice -- once last summer and now this summer). And I can't imagine 14 times! So exciting that your husband will be home so soon! xo

  4. Ah, it's getting closer and closer! I'm sure life is crazy for you right now. Praying for y'all in this transitional time. Can't wait to get an update!!