Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jon's Valentine Care Package!

Hi, Ladies! Jon received his first care package yesterday, so that means I can finally share it with y'all!  Deployment is not nearly as fun as having my husband home, but since he can't be here I want to try my best to send him awesome mail.  If any of you have advice or ideas for packages please let me know!  They typically should be items that we're prepared for him to leave behind upon his return.
I am especially sad that Jon and I will be spending our first married valentine's day on opposite sides of the world, but as I've said before, we know it's what God has for us right now and that's always enough.  I had so much fun shopping for snacks and goodies for my sweet valentine.  I love the idea of trying to help take care of him even from afar.  I also really enjoyed decorating the box as a "valentine".:)

Items included:
Protein bars
Fiber One brownies
Beef Jerky
Trail Mix
Command hooks
A picture frame with a photo from our wedding
Wheat Thins
A custom made t-shirt
Valentine Snickers
A stuffed monkey
A valentine card

Happy Valentine's Week, Y'all!

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