Monday, February 10, 2014


Good morning, sweet friends!  I hope everyone's Monday is off to a great start!  Mine has already been eye-opening.  I have a little over an hour commute each way to my job, which serves as the perfect opportunity to pray and praise Jesus while jamming with Pandora.  As no surprise, one of the first things I pray for is my sweet Jon.  I pray for his protection spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and largely for his safe (and rapid) return.  Prayer is very interesting.  To me, it is the clearest window to our hearts, so as I pray I can usually determine the desires of my heart pretty clearly.  This is a great gift, which can often be very convicting, because I feel it also shows me what I am placing my hope in.
This morning I felt The Lord shining light on where I have been placing some of my hope.  While I think it is totally acceptable for me to hope tremendously that Jon has a safe return, I cannot find the hope of my life in it.  I felt very clearly that God was trying to remind me that I have all of the hope I will ever need in this life.  He has already given it to me, in His son, Jesus Christ.  What beautiful news.  I hope you ladies are able to find your hope in the only, true Anchor this morning.:)


  1. LOVE this. Thanks for sharing!!!! Glory to God! xx

  2. Love this as well! I have "Hope" and "Faith" tattooed on me as little reminders! ;)