Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wife After God: Day 3, The Need for Companionship

Companionship has been a tremendous thing to reflect on this week.  Companionship is something that Jon & I both longed for this week.  As I said the other day, he has been in Poland for work the past few days, & although we wouldn't have seen each other during the work week (he's in NC & I'm in VA), it has still been a sad, strange feeling knowing that the man I'm becoming one with has been half the world away.
This devotional brought me a lot of comfort in missing Jon.  Sometimes I think we try to tell ourselves that 
we're silly for missing loved ones... that we just need to better occupy our time.
I know I'm guilty of this.
The truth is that we were created for relationship, created for companionship.
God created Adam because he desired to have relationship with him, to know him, to walk & talk with him & to protect him.  God created Eve as a companion for Adam to illustrate the importance of relationship.
As I was reflecting on this, I was better able to understand the deep feelings of missing Jon, of longing for him.  I was created for that.  The major conviction came when I realized that
however much Jon & I desire to be in relationship with one another, God desires to be in relationship with us SO much more than that.
It's been amazing to me how much my relationship with Jon helps me to better understand & know who God is.  I am very thankful, & hopeful that he will use our marriage in so many ways to teach us & draw us closer to Him and closer to one another. :)

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