Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Wife After God": Day 1

Happy Sunday, Ladies!  I hope y'all's weekends have been wonderful!
After following some of you sweet bloggers, I recently decided to jump on the "Wife After God" wagon and see what it's all about.:)
Boy is it already amazing.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Wife After God is a 30 day devotional on how to draw closer to God & closer to your husband.  I figured this was the perfect thing to be reading as we prepare to say "I do" in 34 days! yay!
I also thought it would be cool to just kind of share the days through posts as often as I can, to get ideas out there & grow.
Day 1 was all about God's purpose for marriage, which was even more awesome because we've spent a lot of time talking about this.  It's so amazing to see in Genesis that we are created in His image.  I know we've all heard that, but it's extremely mind blowing if you allow yourself to ponder over it.  Very intentionally, Jon & I were created to be able to better show the world a fuller picture of who God is when we join as one.
Something I felt the Lord tell me in this week was to remember that regardless of how tough things get  (& they will get tough) we must remember that always we are better able to display God's image together... even if that means some things become more difficult by being together.  Marriage is not for our glory, but indeed His.
I think it's very easy & very typical for two people to enter into a marriage with selfish tendencies & even vague ideas of some things that they somehow feel entitled to.  I felt God very clearly speak to me that there are not entitlements in marriage.  Constantly remembering that our marriage is about so much more than just ourselves will hopefully help to kill off a lot of our own selfish tendencies, allowing us to freely love one another & those around us.  
I've been reflecting a lot on how my life as a Christian should look different from those around me who are not believers & being serious with myself when asking whether or not that's actually happening. The same thing applies to Jon & I in our marriage.  If we truly seek to bear the image of Christ & His church our marriage should undoubtedly reflect it.  I look forward to God using our marriage to rid us more & more of our own selfishness & shape us into a picture of His great love story.

: ) Claire

I hope y'all's weeks start off nicely.  I saw Jon off to Poland for work this morning, & then headed home.  I miss that sweet man already.


  1. I am so pumped that you are doing this devotional! It is so great! I'm so happy you are preparing for marriage so much. I know you are so excited about the wedding so close! I hope this last month goes by quickly for you! Have a good day!

  2. I have been keeping an eye on this devotional, it's definitely one that I want to try out! I think that it's great that you're so gung-ho to prepare your heart for marriage, that is something that will really transform you, and get you through for the long haul! I can't believe it's so close, it'll fly by and you'll be a MRS. in no time!