Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tailgate Tuesday:My Dilemma

Today I'm linking up with Erin from lovefunandfootball for Tailgate Tuesday!

I am so excited about this time of year.  Cool breezes, grilled burgers, cold beer, standing around a tailgate for hours decked out in your team's colors.  Ahh, I can feel it coming!

Well, actually I can't this year since we've moved to Hawaii and all. I think the same hot, sunny, summer feel will consume our next 3 years.  Hey, I can't complain!  But I will certainly look forward to celebrating football in all of it's goodness when we visit the mainland for the holidays.

For now I think we'll be catching games around church in the early morning hours.  Breakfast and football, now that's a new combination!

I was born and raised a Virginia Tech football fan, and still very much am.  Jon being a Wisconsinite has so graciously played along by adopting VT as his collegiate team.

However, NFL is a completely different ball game.  Literally.:)

I have only followed NFL for probably the past 5 years or so.  For several small reasons I chose the Baltimore Ravens as my team and love love loved them.  However, I was completely devastated by the Ray Rice scandal as I was a huge supporter of him.  I'm still not sure of the ins and outs of it, but something just doesn't settle in me that a team could possibly be aware of such behavior and not say anything sooner.

So I've basically been in limbo as I've semi-followed my beloved Ravens, trying to decide on pledging loyalty to another team.

Jon, a true Wisconsin man through and through, is obviously a PACKERS fan and has hardcore been trying to convert me since we met.  Ya see, there are a couple of reasons why I continue to refuse. 1) It is absolutely frigid there, and I fear frostbite if I ever attend a game. 2) That would mean Jon wins. :)

While I continue to deny any affection for the Packers, I will share some cute Packers things on this Tailgate Tuesday.
Is there a major football rivalry in your house?


  1. That's so awesome that y'all are in Hawaii for a few years, but it'll definitely be a different vibe watching not watching football at the same time of the day as everybody else. My husband is originally from Dallas, so he tries to play off the Dallas Cowboys are better than the Houston Texans, but I think that I've converted him :)

  2. I'm so glad you linked up- I'm looking forward to following along with your blog more :) Any football fan is a friend of mine!! I'm glad that maybe you don't love the Ravens as much as you used to- since they are a big rival of my Bengals haha!

  3. Love the sweater and headband! Now I need them in Cleveland colors of course :) Our house is always a rivalry in some way, but they don't get too out of hand. When I first met my husband he was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. How I continued to date him after I found out that info is crazy! I think I already fell for him and then football season came around. Thankfully, I have converted him. He still pays attention to the Steelers, but he only owns Browns jerseys and such :)

  4. Those are cute Packer clothing.
    Wow, how cool to live in Hawaii, but I bet it will be different to not have any football around... or there is always the University football team (:

  5. Whoo hoo!! It's football time. My husband loves Notre Dame and I'm like buttttt the SEC is everythang tho. :)
    We both are Jets fans! So no NFL issues.
    Honestly I just love games. So football no matter who's playing will do. Except the Patriots. Screw them. And my hate goes back further than deflategate.

  6. I'm not really into football but I do like the packers. My friend LOVES them and always send me a packers gear. That is so cool that you are living in Hawaii, my co-worker just moved there.

  7. I'm actually VERY jealous about is the thing I want to WANT...but I don't! Maybe this will be my year? Nate gets super excited about football season, and I'm just the unsupportive girlfriend! Haha!

    Also...breakfast + football is a combo made in heaven. Actually, brunch. I think you're onto something...

  8. I haven't really followed football since the Miami Dolphins in the mid-70s (yep, it was in college). But I did attend an Army vs Harvard game at West Point in 1984 (keeping a 3 yr old and 2 yr old interested was a game in itself).
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane . . and thanks for the postcard. Love you bunches :)