Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New York City: Day 1

Hey, y'all!  Well, since we got home from this trip about a month ago I suppose sharing photos is long overdue.  I had never been to New York City, and while we're still on the east coast I really wanted to get up there!  Since Jon went to school about an hour outside of the city he's been there several times, so he was the perfect leader and tour guide. :)  Travel was super easy. We just hopped on the train and hopped off in the Big Apple.  I absolutely loved every minute of it.  Day 1 consisted off lots of walking around, staring up in amazement and taking in all of the smells and sounds of this awesome place.  We got in around lunch time, grabbed a bite to eat and popped champagne at the hotel to get the trip started.  We then ventured out for the evening with Jon leading me to some popular spots around the city.  Of course we finished off Day 1 with pizza and dessert.:)


  1. I love your photos, it makes me want to go back so bad!

    1. Aww thanks, Jen! It was definitely cold, but so fun! And the food was incredible!