Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peace: In the job search

So, I have begun the job seeking process again, y'all.  For the first time since college graduation  I am resume tweaking and filling out applications.  Ah, how I had forgotten the anxiety and uncertainty of it all.  I have been tremendously blessed to have an awesome career in my field for the past three years, but with Jon and I changing stations upon his redeployment, we have reached the bittersweet period of transitioning to the next chapter.
I had forgotten just how vulnerable the job search could make me.  As I sit and write my heart out to try and impress my potential employer, the pressure to 'earn' recognition and success can become overwhelming.  I think, "If I just had the perfect wording in my cover letter..." or "If I just had one more letter of recommendation...", then I could get that dream job.  While working to gain skills and experience that better equip us in the workforce is important, I have been all the more humbled and struck by the reality that my career, like everything else, is ultimately in God's hands.  While having an awesome resume might seem to increase my chances for employment, I am thankful to find confidence in the fact that God is in control no matter how tweaked the resume.
This has filled me with such peace.  I have been going through Sarah Young's Jesus Calling this year, and yesterday's reading was super impactful...a great reminder that we need only trust in Him.  I hope this snippet helps you find peace today wherever you are, Friend.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I, too, am job searching after 3 years at the school I teach at. It has been tough getting back into filling out applications, tweaking resumes, etc. I forgot how much work is involved in looking for a new job! I love these verses, though. So encouraging and it's just what I needed to hear! Thank you for sharing!

    Praying for you and your job search. Xoxo

  2. Yeeeesssss. I job hunted for months right after graduation (as well as before) and had given it up once I landed my part time job, yesterday I had my final interview for a full time position and though it isn't my dream job I'm thankful for an opportunity at a full time job in this market!!

  3. Good luck in your job hunt. Job hunting is definitely a difficult season in life, but I'm so thankful you found the peace for which you had searched. I, too, am searching for a new job and these verses have been inspirational this morning!