Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

-one- The fact that I finally get to see my husband tomorrow!  Jon flies in from Germany.  Thank The Lord!  We will get more time together this coming week than we have the entire time we've been married.

-two- My sweet college friend, Lindsay, gets married tomorrow! Yay! I will be going to the wedding, then leaving to meet Jon.

-three- My other sweet college friend, Cassidy, is my "date" to the wedding because neither of our men can make it.  Super sad Jon can't be there, but excited to catch up with Cass and eat lots of cake.

-four- My church recently got on The City.  It's like a Facebook for church, which is awesome.  I like that it allows me to meet new people at my church, but also stay connected with praise, prayer requests and community activities throughout the week.

-five- Jon and I leave Sunday for a week in Tampa.  He has a class for work, but it's also a nice little mini-honeymoon for us. :) We've never been so if y'all have, please share your favorite restaurants or places to visit!

Happy Friday!


  1. YAY glad your husband is coming back.

    Have fun at the wedding.

    Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. awww, SO happy to hear that y'all will be together! HOW EXCITING!!! thank goodness for sweet hubbies :)

    and i have never heard of the city for churches! how cool and neat is that?! love it!

    happy friday, cutie!

  3. yay for your hubby returning!!! have a wonderful weekend!