Monday, September 23, 2013

One Year {and the story of how we met}

Hi Lovelies!  Again, I apologize for the less than often posts, but this whole wedding preparation thing is keeping me pretty busy.  I'm sure all of you married ladies know the deal!:)
Last Tuesday was a very special day for Jon & I.  September 17th marked the one year anniversary of the day we met.  I never really posted on how the magic happened, so I figured I'd share the story in honor of our anniversary.:)

As some of you already know, Jon is in the Army.  I work on a military base, supplying maps to soldiers who come to train.  As the Lord would have it, Jon walked right into my office to pick up maps for his unit.  As handsome as he was, I definitely wasn't looking for a boyfriend. I had worked in my position for about a year and a half, having soldiers come in and out of my office all day, so when Jon walked in, things were strictly business to me.
My boss (who's like my second father) also met Jon while he was in our building, completely hitting it off, laughing and talking with him like old friends.  My boss is retired from the Guard and used to jump out of planes.  Jon does, too. This automatically means that they are BFF's.  haha
After chatting for a few minutes, Jon asked for my phone number.  Being the uninterested business lady I was, I quickly responded with my office number. Jon realizes this, gives a disappointed face, but respectfully leaves.  I found it somewhat humorous that I had been quick enough to respond with my office number, and shared this funny instance with my boss, who did not think it was funny because he was completely sold on the fact that Jon was an awesome, genuine guy. I was totally taken back by his response, expecting him to laugh with me and reassure me that I had made the right decision to steer clear of this handsome, smooth soldier.  I sink into his office chair, feeling like I've made the biggest mistake of my life. Yikes!
Thankfully, Jon was up to train for the next 10 days, so I would see him again.  Trusting my boss' opinion, I stepped out on a limb and gave Jon my cell number when he came in the next day to pick up his map order.  We texted a bit over the next few days, but I was still skeptical of the situation.  However, it quickly became evident that Jon was unlike any guy I had ever met.  He was forward with me from the very beginning about his desire to know and to serve God above anything else in this life.  He was, and still is, the sweetest, most kind-hearted and genuine man I know.

I cannot wait to marry him in 5 days!

:D Claire

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