Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wedding Weekend in Pennsylvania!

This past weekend Jon and I traveled to Pennsylvania to see some of our beloved friends tie the knot!
First, we stopped through DC to visit Jon's family.  Such a lovely time as usual, and we got to eat at one of our FAVORITE restaurants, La Madeleine. yum yum yum. 
The drive was pretty long, but when accompanied by Jon and his awesomely comical roommate, Drew, we are bound to have an entertaining ride.
They enjoy beat boxing together.  I enjoy laughing.  It works out. :)
It was wonderful just to spend the weekend around these sweet people.
Tex and Michelle's love for Christ really shone through the entire wedding.
I cried like a little baby at the overflowing blessing of their union.
Simply beautiful.
And this was my first wedding with Mr. Jon. :) Super sweet.  We had a wonderful time.

149 days until it's our turn!

I hope you lovelies had a wonderful weekend!

So blessed,

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