Saturday, May 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home

 I got the chance to visit my parents earlier this week. I just love them. :)
We've already had many many wedding conversations, and I somehow seem to keep them coming.
It was so nice just to be home though.
We had delicious tacos, and then went for a walk on the farm.
(ps- I grew up on a farm.)
It was a beautiful afternoon.  I couldn't help but feel so blessed in this sweet time.
As I walked along, I was careful to drink in the spring air of home, remembering that I will soon be off to see the world with my handsome soldier.
A new thought crossed my mind. -All my life I've found such comfort in being "home", the place where I grew up, surrounded by my beloved family.
Enjoying this time and feeling so loved by our Father, I couldn't help but hear His sweet whispering reminder that while I was indeed home, the place I call "home" in this world, He has promised so much more to each of us.
Ahh-- just this thought was amazing to me.
It's crazy to know that as comfortable, joyful and loved as we feel in our homes here, none of it compares to His Kingdom, our Home.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful time! You have a wonderful attitude about moving around and that will carry you so far. Thank you for your heart!