Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Verse Memorization with the Bestie!

So my best friend the best! :) We were chatting earlier today about the luxuries, conveniences, etc that people are choosing to fast from as a means to focus on the Lord in the coming weeks.  She was saying texting, while I was saying chocolate...two HUGE deals to us. haha  However, I think the Spirit gave her a WAY better idea for the both of us.  We will both give up time...and learn more from the Lord by doing so.  We will alternate days on selecting a bible verse that we feel led to share, and both then strive to memorize the verse.  

I am super excited to share in the Word with my best friend as we grow closer to one another and to Christ! Yay!  I will attempt to share as much as possible! :) 
Meet my beloved accountabilibuddy!

We are best friends because...

We both love sunshine!

& fruity drinks!
oh, and because she's famous...

Love you, Sister! :)

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