Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!
Today I'm joining in on the link-up with Christina, Darci, April & Natasha!

1. Tonight I'm meeting with some sweet ladies for movie night and chocolate popcorn! I've never had it before, but I hear it's pretty good.:)

2. I've been reading The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian for about the last month. It's super good, ladies. Y'all should definitely check it out.

3. I heard on the radio this morning that a bakery in NYC now offers cupcakes through a 24-hour ATM.  BEST idea ever. Yum.

4. Since Jon and I found out that we move to northern Virginia next we have been in the process of home hunting, which means I have enjoyed looking at decor inspiration for our next space together. I love this living room.

5.  Did I mention we've been married 6 months today?! I love this guy.


  1. OMG cupcakes through an ATM!? get OUT! stopping by from the Five on Friday link up! Your blog is super cute :) Hope you check mine out as well!

  2. So happy to have come across your blog through the link up! Happy 6 monthiversary!! (: Have fun planning decor for your future home! I see on your book "military edition" -- a big thank you to you & your hubby for serving our country and the sacrifices that requires! Enjoy your movie night with friends + chocolate popcorn!!! {sounds scrumptious} ...Happy Friday! xo

  3. a cupcake ATM? Amazing!

  4. Happy 6 monthiversary! :) That photo is gorgeous!!

  5. That sounds like a good read, I'll have to check it out! :) A cupcake ATM is a GENIUS idea!! And I live in VA too!! :)

  6. Sorry I'm late but happy six months!! Time flies!! Congrats on new move too and ummm cupcake ATM? DANGEROUS! haha