Thursday, June 20, 2013

100 Days!

In 100 days I will walk down the aisle to this sweet man!

Goodness, what the Lord has been teaching us over these months of engagement.
I am so thankful for this time.  Jon--not so much.
He is ready to be married NOW.  And me, well of course I am, but of course I am also a girl who wants to plan a wedding. :) Have any of your fiances/husbands struggled with this?
Definitely not a bad problem that the man crafted for me is eager to marry me. :)
Jon has completely loved me through all of my silly girly-ness of wedding planning.
He has been so selfless in all of it.  I want to be more like him in our marriage.
He listens to my struggles, ideas & silly girl triumphs that essentially don't matter to anyone besides myself.
Through him, and from Christ I have learned that we are each other's bodies, we are one.
His struggles are my struggles.  His interests are my interests. His goals are my goals. And vice versa.
(Even if we, ourselves in our own selfishness, don't care about those things, we do because the other one-half of us does.)
He has totally loved me as himself and given up himself for me, while also providing such strong leadership.
I will be forever grateful for this man.

I cannot wait to call him my husband.



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  1. Yay!! 100 days will go by fast! I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear your first few after the wedding posts! So many changes ahead but they are great changes! So happy for you!